Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year! 2016 Bag Lady Bags are Here! End of the Year Clearance Sale thru January 4th

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year! As we welcome 2016 I decided to set CRAFTING RESOLUTIONS!! (Hoping since these are more fun than other resolutions I can make, perhaps I will stick to them!) I am challenging myself to complete more scrapbooking layouts than I did last year. My goal is to create 100 2-page layouts in 2016. I plan on one layout a week plus attending store crops and a few weekend trips to accomplish my goal. Not only will I be happier committing to play with "my toys" but I will fill a few more albums! What are your CRAFTING RESOLUTIONS this year? Pop into the store to post your resolution on our board and we will give you a coupon for a Free Crop to help you get started with your goal.   

Happy 2016!  We are starting off the New Year with New Bag Lady Bags.  For the first time ever, you can use your 2015 Bag Lady Bonus Discount as you qualify for your 2016 Bag.

You may be looking at the new calendar thinking, why aren't there more classes scheduled this coming week?  Life is getting in the way of creativity this week.  We are dealing with the impending passing of Shon's sister Judy and need to spend some time with his family.  Karen's father in law passed recently.  Jo, Laura and Barb are all dealing with family illnesses.  Gina A will be dealing with a health issue this coming week.  All in all, it has been a stressful time for many of us just as it has been with many of our customers this year.   Prayers for all of us would be much appreciated.

I promise we will be back with lots of new creative ventures this year including Bible Journaling, Art Journaling, layout classes, card classes and everything else we can think of!


New Creating in Faith Stamps

New Journaling Bible has arrived.  I'm not sure how many we got but now I know I can get more so please feel free to order them from us.

January 2016 Calendar

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Jon & Shelly said...

So sorry to hear of everyone's challenges. Sending prayers for physical/emotional healing and for a better year to come. Love to all. Shelly Blankman