Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New Custom Papers & Pre-Order New Color Bursts

Hi Everyone,

The roads are almost back to normal here in Eldersburg.  The main roads are all clear and so is our parking lot.  Just be careful of the giant snow piles blocking views when you turn.

We received an order of custom papers in.

Lisa Halstead designed this one for her son who goes to Salisbury.  If you would like a custom paper like this designed for your school, here are the details.  

1. You do have to buy the whole pack of 25 sheets. Perfect to share with other parents.  
2.  Since the single sheet price is $2, we will offer a full pack discount of 20% OFF pre-paid only.  
3.  Full College names will not be printed because of copyright laws.  Some mascot names may also not be printed.  The printing company will notify us of any copyright restrictions.  Notice how Lisa had the paper called Salisbury memories.  
4. You can pick your school colors.  We also had this design done in the Ocean City paper.  
5. Call the store or email Tracy to order.  410-549-5187 or

New Echo Park Easter & Spring lines

Pre-Order Ken Oliver's New Color Burst Powders, Liquid Metalics, Best Craft Mat Ever and Save 10%
New Carribean Colors

Color Burst Liquid Metals

Ken Oliver - Best Ever Craft Mat - Extra Large Table Cover 24in x 36in

This very large, versatile mat is perfect for most crafting projects! Features: Non stick, non skid, non porous, heat resistant, heavy duty, wrinkle free, offers superb surface protection, wipes clean, reusable and multi purpose. Protects your work surface from heat tools, paints, inks, polymer clay, glues, sprays and solvents. Heat resistant up to 480 degrees, do not use as a cutting surface. Mat measures 24 inches by 36 inches.   $60 regular price

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