Sunday, February 7, 2016

Vintage Photo Transfer Canvas With Jen Starr Saturday February 27th 10-12 PM

Vintage Photo Transfer Canvas With Jen Starr
Saturday February 27th  10-12 PM

**Additional canvases may be done/started (depending on how quickly you work) in class with my supplies in class for $20 each ** 

This one of a kind family keepsake would make a great personalized gift for the holidays! While creating this 8x8” canvas (in your choice of paint colors) you will learn how to effectively achieve a photo transfer with that rich vintage tintype photo look. If you have had problems with photo transfers in the past, Jen will walk you through all of her best tips and tricks for getting a perfect transfer almost every time! In addition, you will learn some fun techniques using acrylic paints. metal and a variety of mediums.  (2 hours $45) 

Please bring to class… 
• Black & white photo copies of photos with subjects that can be easily cut out. Copies should be on just cheap copy paper and MUST be from a toner based/laser copier (Inkjet copies or prints will NOT work correctly). I generally take my photos to places like Staples, UPS store, etc to get my copies done. You may want to have them increase the size of the copy so that the subject be larger to work on an 8x8” canvas. 
• If you would like to incorporate PHOTO COPIES (toner based/laser – NOT ink jet) of ephemera such as wedding invitations, baby announcements, a relatives handwriting, etc to personalize your art further (optional) 
• 1” Score tape or similar strong double sided tape to work with metal 
• Gel Medium (I recommend Ranger MultiMedium – Glossy works best, but matte will be ok as well) 
• Baby wipes and paper towels 
• 1” flat paint brush and container for painty water 
• Palette knife 
• Non-stick craft sheet 
• Heat gun if you have one 
• Optional – some of your favorite background stamps and stencils (I will have some to share also) 

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