Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Copic Update

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share an email I got from Copic about the current inventory.   Some of the markers that we had on back order were on the ship they received.  We should have that order in store by Friday.

Copic Orders Arriving from Japan — and Shipping from Oregon

Dear Copic Customer,

We wanted to give you the status on Copic product shipping delays—we know many of you are waiting for shipments from us. Inventory orders from Japan have been caught in the long-running West Coast port shipping dispute.

Three weeks ago port workers reached a new tentative labor agreement with port shipping companies. Ships are now being unloaded and freight is starting to continue onward by rail and truck.

But the backlog at the ports is substantial. Trucking companies are running at capacity trying to catch up. It's estimated it will be an additional two months before the backlog is cleared.

“West Coast ports still face the Herculean task of moving out 300,000 to 500,000 containers that backed up before longshoremen finally reached the agreement in late February."                       
                           — Larry Gross  Freight & Trucking Analyst, FTR
We have received one of the five orders that we know are either on the water awaiting unloading, or in port awaiting shipment to our warehouse. But we can’t predict an ETA on these in-transit orders.

We will keep you posted. We're doing everything we can to get caught up. Unfortunately we are stuck waiting in this backlog along with you.
We do appreciate your continued support as we wait for these orders to arrive.

Thank you again, and please contact usif you have specific questions.

Imagination International, Inc.

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