Thursday, July 21, 2011

CHA Photos and More changes at the store

Hi Everyone,

I got to come to CHA for a couple of days to do some frenzied shopping.  I only have a few photos today because my phone was dying. 

I ran into a very familiar face at the My Little Shoebox booth.  I just love the aprons they all made.  Mandy promised to teach us how to transfer paper to canvas. 

She posed with me at the SMASH booth.  I ordered a whole lot of SMASH.  The bad news is that they keep selling out of the line and my order won't ship until Ocotober.  They came out with a mini journal that is sure to be a big hit for Christmas gifts.

Tim Holtz was demoing the new White Alcohol ink.  It makes any of the other alchocol inks opaque and pastel.

While I'm shopping, the Lisa's are chaning things up at the store.  The birthday section needed a bigger home.
new birthday section opposite home

Now Carnival and Circus have a bigger home.
Amusement Park section

Be sure to check out the new mini album I put together using a Button Farm kit.
Simple Stories with mini album above

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Jimmy said...

Nice! I love the changes. I also desire the legendary moustache from the second picture! :D Keep posting, please.

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