Sunday, July 31, 2011

We are holding over the Backroom Bowout Sale & upping the discount to 70% Off the original prices.

Backroom Blowout Sale Continues!

We still have tons of stuff left from our sale and we don't want to put it back on the shelves.  
 Monday and Tuesday only,
all clearance items 70% off the original prices

 We are getting so excited for Dave's visit next week.  I grabbed these photos and his discriptions from his Memory Box blog.  There are still about 3 seats left for his classes.

"Here is a student carefully adding another layer of paint over a yellow wash, as we slowly fill in the G1795 Autumn Collage.
The watercolor session requires a lot of patience - we'll complete one layer on a piece, then allow it to dry, and then add another layer later. It came as no surprise that the projects dried much quicker in Sacramento than in Seattle! Everyone laughed when I told them it might take a few hours in Seattle, but in sunny California, it only takes a few minutes!

The students learned all the tricks and techniques of working on different watercolor paper types with watercolor paints as well as watercolor pencils! Cooper helped teach the Colored Pencil class - he sharpened pencils and helped everyone use the die cut machines, while Emma helped teach the last sessions. It was funny to hear them repeat some things they have heard me say before to the students - "That was stamped in Brilliance Graphite Black" or "The pencil sharpener works best this way...". Maybe some day they'll take over for me!"

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